Meet our Finaly team member – Kimmo

Kimmo Ahlsved, CFO at Finaly

There’s always room for new faces on the Finaly team, and this time, we’re introducing Kimmo, our financial wizard who loves numbers and wants to make finance approachable for everyone. He has a strong vision and passion for helping companies succeed through financial management.

Financial Management through Kimmo’s Eyes

For Kimmo, financial management means much more than just numbers and figures. He sees it as comprehensive management of an owner’s finances and an opportunity to support our client companies in achieving their dreams. Kimmo aims to be a trustworthy catalyst for entrepreneurs, helping their visions become reality.

Kimmo describes himself as a pragmatic doer who doesn’t settle for just reading reports. He wants to be involved, understand the entire company, and provide concrete assistance with a hands-on approach. With experience across various industries and company needs, Kimmo focuses on the essentials and offers the best solutions to his clients.

Kimmo as a CFO

Kimmo Ahlsved is analytical, solution-oriented, and always ready to explore alternatives. He encourages teamwork and believes that the best decisions are based on facts. Kimmo is a team player who brings solution proposals to the table and bases his decisions on solid information.

As a surprising fact, Kimmo shares that a CFO isn’t the “enemy” of business but rather its close ally. He emphasizes that collaboration between finance and business operations is crucial, aiming to be on the same side of the net. According to Kimmo, open information sharing and credible communication are essential in financial leadership, and a CFO isn’t a mere guardian of the coffers but a professional seeking alternatives.

The Best of Financial Leadership

For Kimmo, one of the best aspects of financial leadership is its involvement in business operations. He emphasizes that finance isn’t just about performance but about collective action and knowledge sharing. According to Kimmo, acting as a CFO isn’t just about saving and tightening belts but an opportunity to create success and bring new perspectives to the organization.

What Have You Achieved as a CFO?

Kimmo’s achievements speak for themselves. For example, multiplying a company’s profit by seven! What’s best is that his own thoughts and ideas have been implemented and will continue to be utilized, bringing satisfaction as a CFO. Kimmo is an example of how financial management can be inspiring and effective.

What Insight Have You Recently Gained as a CFO?

Number one: the number I’ve dialed to ring the stock exchange bell.

Behind the Scenes with Kimmo

What don’t you see on Kimmo’s CV? In his youth, Kimmo worked as a guard and painted goals at a goal factory.

Welcome to meet the entire Finaly team – we love finance, and we want you to love it too!

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