The CFO you've always wanted

Finally, finance management isn't boring anymore

Finaly is the CFO you’ve always wanted. We bring the culture of finance management into the daily lives of our client companies – we operate within our clients’ organizations as if they were our own. We are a financial management expert house that brings efficient finance management processes and practices to small and medium-sized businesses.

We exist to support your decisions

Do you receive up-to-date and reliable information regularly about the financial state of your company? Have you been looking for cash flow forecasts for your operations? Can you afford to hire new employees or make other investments? How have you priced your current services or products? We support our client companies in all these questions.

Join us at Finaly

Our work culture is genuine and caring, truly. Work should be fun while also carefully handling the agreed-upon tasks. We believe that this is reflected in excellent service to our client companies. We constantly discuss and spar with each other because we trust that cooperation creates trust between us that lasts. The guiding idea is to create good around us.

Join us in helping companies with their financial matters

We provide practical and high-quality strategic financial management partnership to our client companies. We understand business issues in a business-oriented, analytical, and holistic way. We advise companies to bring financial decision-making capability to all key decisions and clarify their financial processes. We want to teach companies how to grow profitably – to help and support growth with insight. The work involves close and present consulting. We implement the most advanced ideas and concepts in the industry for our client companies. Our work culture is open, transparent, and trustworthy. We want to challenge practices and actively develop operations by leveraging the decades of experience we have accumulated.

We have helped them with financial matters.