Anne Kuutio

Anne’s journey as an entrepreneur has taken her from “founding her own bank” to a family business and then to a corporation, and from there to starting Finaly as a founding partner. Anne enjoys solving clients’ complex problems, which not only save time and money but also genuinely and empathetically move things forward. With experience leading dozens of change projects, Anne has gained insight from her roles as Head of Business at PwC’s CFO Financial Management Services, as an interim CFO at Greenstep Oy, and as a CFO, amember of the executive team and secretary of the board at Nooa Savings Bank.

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Juha Riippi

Juha is one of the founding partners of Finaly and has 20 years of experience in financial management. For the last ten years, Juha has been involved in numerous corporate transactions, gaining insight into how financial management processes, operations, and reporting should be built in a business-oriented manner through dozens of companies. Before starting his own company, Juha worked as a financial management consultant and in financial roles in large companies. “At least one corporate transaction every year” is Juha’s motto.

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Sampsa Rönkkönen

Sampsa is the initiator and founding partner of Finaly. Sampsa’s unique capabilities to advise companies stem from his two decades of experience in operational financial management roles and as a CFO consultant in financial management. Sampsa has also previously worked as an entrepreneur. Sampsa’s heart rate slows down when he gets to work with Excel to implement client assignments that bring genuine added value to companies.

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Nelli Neilimo-Leskinen

As Finaly’s CFO, Nelli brings extensive experience from an international operating environment in addition to sales and supply chain management responsibilities. Throughout her career, Nelli, as a CFO, has been accustomed to jumping from situation to situation, function to function, and country to country. This has strengthened her ability to learn quickly and gain the trust of colleagues and clients alike. Nelli is characterized by her pragmatic approach and focus on the essentials. She is a proactive and inspiring colleague!

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Henri Kilpeläinen

Henri is a CFO consultant with deep experience in rapidly changing growth company environments. As a group CFO, he has founded several companies in Finland and Sweden and has also been responsible for business operations in Sweden. Henri is particularly knowledgeable about ERP system development and has leadership responsibility for their implementation in various companies. He has solid expertise in building financial management, processes, creating metrics, and monitoring goals. His skills in modern financial management stem from both his background in accounting firms and in growth companies.

As a consultant, Henri’s strengths lie in his analytical approach, efficiency, and diverse expertise in financial management. Whether it’s improving profitability or tackling challenging situations, Henri has the means and experience to bring solutions and insights to the table in a practical and understandable way.

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Kimmo Ahlsved

Kimmo is a versatile and experienced financial management professional with over two decades of experience as both an accounting firm entrepreneur, CFO, and business controller. He is an experienced player in hectic and challenging change environments, with expertise ranging from broad financial management experience to specialized knowledge in system change project implementation and deployment and user training. Kimmo’s strength lies in his expertise in both internal and external reporting.

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Milo Mutka

Milo is a part-time business trainee at Finaly, bringing extra hands and assistance to the team in customer management, as well as sales and marketing. Being Finaly’s very first in this position, there’s plenty of pioneering work to be done, and Milo is tackling it with enthusiasm.

Efficient and athletic, Milo is a team player driving Finaly’s growth forward with their eager approach!

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