Is it time for your company to outsource financial management?

An outsourced CFO operates cost-effectively

An outsourced CFO can focus on providing clients with only the most essential services. You don’t pay for unnecessary services, and you gain expertise that adds real value to your company. Our service is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized companies lacking a dedicated finance function. We aim to take responsibility for the entire financial process and free up the company’s management (CEO) to focus on the essentials. We bring a financial culture to your company and challenge companies to consider business decisions from a financial perspective. We assist, for example, in pricing strategies and future scenarios for our clients.

3 good reasons to outsource a CFO

Expertise that adds value

We bring a financial culture to our client companies. We challenge companies to consider business decisions from a financial perspective.

You have time to focus on the essentials

We take responsibility for the entire financial process, freeing up the company’s management time to focus on the essentials. We also assist our client companies in pricing strategies and future scenarios (budgeting, forecasting, and monitoring) as well as reporting.

You don't pay for unnecessary services

An outsourced CFO focuses on delivering only the most essential services.

"We exist so people can love finance."

– Sampsa, Juha & Anne

Ready to get started?

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The ABC of Starting Collaboration


We take responsibility for our client company’s entire financial operation. Typically, we start with a small development project, where we streamline processes, clarify responsibilities, handle accounting matters, and set up reports and forecasts.


In the next phase, we design key metrics to improve our client company’s profitability and growth.


On a monthly basis, we handle reporting, participate in the management team, and if necessary, join board meetings. The typical workload per client company is 2-6 days per month (average on 3300 – 5500 euros).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on-site or remotely?
Customers can choose; we are happy to visit customers, especially in the initial phase of operation.

How much does the service cost?
Our customers want to buy our services because they are dissatisfied with the current situation. We can implement a business model that serves your business. Sometimes there are old structures behind it that haven’t been questioned. Companies rarely have extra time to focus on financial processes, and may not have the expertise either. Adopting a financial culture takes time, but it pays off – we promise. What does such a service cost? Situations in companies vary, of course. On average, our daily rate is €1100 (excluding VAT). Hourly billing for financial management varies depending on the expertise and experience of the professional, ranging from €160 to €220.

Why would I outsource when I can hire my own personnel?
Outsourcing is quick to implement and we operate flexibly. You get an experienced professional into your company effortlessly and cost-effectively.

What kind of projects do you undertake? Do you carry out ERP projects?
We can provide additional assistance in ERP projects, where additional help is often critical.

Do you coach financial managers?
We are happy to coach financial managers towards financial leadership!

Do you operate in Advisor roles?
Likewise, in Advisor roles, we are happy to provide expertise and experience to companies.

Do you do accounting? What about financial statements or taxation?
We do not do accounting or handle financial statements or tax matters.

What do you mean by financial management culture?
Financial intricacies are often perceived as difficult and even scary, in addition to being time-consuming. We want to simplify and clarify this by bringing financial culture into the everyday life of companies, inspiring and coaching them.

We have helped them with financial matters