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Are you motivated to build a more visible and transparent financial leadership culture?

Finaly provides practical and high-quality strategic financial partnership to its client companies. Our work culture is open, transparent and trustworthy. We aim to challenge existing practices and actively develop our operations by leveraging decades of experience.

We approach things from a business-oriented, analytical, and holistic perspective. We advise companies to integrate financial decision-making capability into all key decisions and streamline their financial processes. We want to teach companies how to grow profitably – helping and supporting growth with insight. We implement the most advanced ideas and concepts in the industry for our client companies. We exist so that people can love finance.

We are now looking for a CFO to take responsibility for financial management in several of our client companies.

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Finaly's Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is characterized by genuine encounters, extreme honesty and authenticity, and a passion for providing our clients with innovative and visionary financial leadership. Above all, we want our recruitment process to bring this out. We believe that this is when you and we become the best match.

In a nutshell, we proceed as follows:

Contact – Discussion – Financial Task – Discussion with team – Personality test and written task – Job Offer – Employment Contract (electronic signature)

Possible tasks and your role in our client companies:

We provide outsourced financial management services to our client companies. You will have two to five small and medium-sized enterprises/startups from different industries and possibly slightly different sizes as your clients. Future modeling and business partnership, making everyday life easier, are your most important tasks. This is also the key difference between accounting and a financial consultant who compiles past activities. You will be responsible for organizing and arranging financial management in client companies and may also act as a secretary to the board and be part of the management team. You are a part-time professional with a hands-on approach and a good understanding of the tasks, considering the needs of client companies. The most common stakeholders in companies are the CEO, chairman of the board, and business management, in addition to the staff. The experience you bring to clients, accumulated from years of diverse financial management tasks, is invaluable. As a CFO, you are part of the client company, and your main task is to organize financial operations in the best possible way.

  • What does the versatility of the task and role mean?
    • You have a grasp of the big picture and the vision, and you can think about and explain how financial management supports the company’s strategy.
  • What does the breadth of the task and role mean?
    • We provide tailored services to client companies, and you are responsible for the entire financial operation of the company.
  • What don’t we do?
    • Accounting, in-depth tax advice, payroll processing, to name a few.

Principles: We don’t promise the moon unless it’s true – exaggeration has no place in the recruitment process. We want to avoid surprises on both sides – honesty always works. Our recruitment process requires active and self-initiated responsibility from both parties.

Finally: We want to provide an honest picture of the company culture and work environment. We are a new company, and many things (quite a few, actually) are still in progress, incomplete, and evolving. This is our strength. You’ll be part of an exceptional growth story! That’s why solutions are sometimes found on the fly. Ask yourself, does it motivate you to join us in building a more visible and open financial leadership culture?

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