Get a head start – Part-time CFO service for your new VC portfolio investment

Finaly offers part-time CFO services for SMEs and start-ups. Our experienced team of hands-on CFOs is already supporting many VC-backed growth companies; Maybe we can help your new portfolio company, too?

With us, you will get the expert support your company needs – fast and easy. We make sure things start to move in the right direction from the very start. Here is how we can help:

  • We make sure to get the reporting basics right. We will move quickly from plan to action and make sure that you will start to get up-to-date, reliable information regarding the performance of your investment from the very start (P&L, B/S, Cash flow)
  • We work on data coherence for consistent KPI follow-up. We look at the key indicators needed to steer the business and make sure the data behind the KPIs is reliable.
  • Forecasting – When the basics are in place, we will help build future scenarios and give you and the company leadership better visibility over the future.
  • Risk management. We put in place key controls and risk monitoring to manage factors potentially impacting the financial performance of your portfolio company.
  • We are partners to your CEO. We are reliable, on-site partners to the company´s leadership and support them in steering the company towards the exit.

And the cherry on the cake:

  • We are flexible. We can start promptly – no long recruitment processes.
  • You only pay for the service you need – if you don´t need a full-time CFO, why pay for one?
  • You get a seasoned CFO, who brings in a wealth of experience from a variety of topics and a variety of companies.

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