This Christmas, we are supporting the mental health work for young people by Mieli ry

This year, we decided to allocate all of Finaly’s Christmas gift funds to support the mental health work for young people by Mieli ry. In this way, we are contributing to ensuring that no young person is left alone with their troubles.

As stated on Mieli ry’s website, mental health should be discussed and spoken of as health, which can be strengthened in the same way as physical fitness. It is important to all of us at Finaly that work is talked about more as a resource and enhancer of mental health. It is meaningful for both adults and young people to be seen for who we are.

Ensuring that young people, in particular, are heard and listened to, that they receive answers to their troubling questions, strengthens an accepting atmosphere around us. Many young people have long been left alone with their concerns. When the mind is burdened, it feels like darkness is everywhere. This Christmas, we are lighting up the darkness and supporting the mental health of young people.

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