What is the recruitment process like at Finaly?

Our recruitment process is characterized by active engagements, utmost honesty and authenticity, as well as a passion for providing our clients with innovative and insightful financial leadership. Above all, we want our recruitment process to bring this out. This is when we believe you and we become the best ‘match’.

In a nutshell, Finaly’s recruitment process proceeds as follows:
Contact – Discussion – Financial Task – Discussion – Job Offer – Employment Contract (electronic signature)

Contact can be ‘inbound’ or ‘outbound’, meaning you have either directly contacted us yourself (regardless of the channel or method: LinkedIn, phone call, open application, etc.) or we have contacted you because you seem like a competent and inspiring individual. We are constantly seeking and engaging with potential candidates, so you should feel free to reach out with a very low threshold if you are interested in CFO consultant roles. We hire directly for employment at Finaly. Client work is also done partly on-site at the client’s premises and in close collaboration with the client, if desired.

We do not have a separate HR/recruitment system, and you do not need to spend your time inputting your information in various places. We have wanted to make things as smooth as possible for both parties. Applying to us and sparking interest is just one reaction away, completely at your discretion.

Roles and Responsibilities in Our Client Companies

We provide outsourced financial management services to our client companies. You will have two to five SME/start-up companies from various industries as your clients, possibly varying in size as well. Futurizing and partnering with businesses, facilitating day-to-day operations, is your main job. It is also the main difference between accounting and being a financial consultant/accountant, who consolidates past actions. You will be responsible for organizing and managing financial functions in client companies, and you may also act as a secretary to the board and be part of the management team. You are a part-time worker with a hands-on approach and a firm grasp on tasks, taking into account the needs of client companies. The most common stakeholders in companies are CEOs, chairpersons of the board, and business ‘leaders,’ in addition to staff. The experience you provide to clients, accumulated over years of diverse financial management, is invaluable. As a CFO, you are an integral part of the client company, and your main task is to organize financial operations in the best possible way.

What does the versatility of the role mean?
You grasp the big picture and vision, capable of explaining how financial management supports the company’s strategy. You demonstrate your expertise in various industries and client relationships.

What does the breadth of the role mean?
We provide tailored services to client companies and you are responsible for the entire financial operation of the company.

What do we not do? Bookkeeping, in-depth tax advice, payroll, for example.

While the tasks may vary, the fundamentals of financial management remain consistent across companies and over time. Therefore, you must genuinely enjoy working in different, varied situations and be able to prioritize your tasks. You dare, want, and can positively challenge our clients’ actions.

Finance combines numbers and people – this is your strength. You lead operations and yet are capable of solving the best practices and solutions for our clients in a hands-on manner, whether it be in choosing an accounting firm or in financial negotiations.

Progression of the Recruitment Process

  1. Informal discussion about the role. This is about a half-hour discussion and mutual introduction – over the phone, virtual coffee, or in any flexible situation and location. At the end of our conversation, we agree on who will follow up and when. This discussion may also end with us jointly acknowledging that this is not the right time to discuss further collaboration. In any case, the conversation leads to a resolution. Ps. If you promise to follow up yourself, please do?
  2. Once mutual interest is established, we proceed to a case task (financial task). At this stage, we delve into the core of your professional expertise. The task can be completed remotely, and you should allocate uninterrupted, peaceful working time for it. You will need a computer and an internet connection to complete the task.
  3. Next, we review the case task together and have a more in-depth discussion with the wider Finaly team to get to know each other more thoroughly on both sides. This meeting takes place at our office and involves all Finaly founders (Anne, Juha, and Sampsa).
  4. After this stage, feedback on the next steps will always be provided verbally from us, even if the collaboration does not begin.
  5. Shall we make a job offer? We then move on to concreteness, and we become colleagues.
  6. The employment contract is signed electronically, and onboarding begins.

Did you send us an open application?

We operate in much the same way in this case as well, so please refer to the above sections and progression.

How to address your questions?

We respond to emails and calls; to streamline matters, you can also leave a callback request via text message. Specific call times have not been defined, and if we are “busy,” we will get back to you. Answers to some of the more common questions asked so far have been compiled on this page. Everyone who submits an application will be contacted as soon as possible.

Feedback is provided as soon as possible. Recruitment is really fun and enjoyable work. However, we hope you understand that we may not respond 24/7 online; we also take breaks and assist our clients ourselves. If you haven’t heard from us in any channel for a week, please let us know! Let’s find out why you haven’t heard from us in any way. This work is done by humans “by hand,” and mistakes sometimes happen. Sometimes systems also misbehave. Therefore, it is good to remember that mistakes sometimes happen. Naturally, we strive to inform you if the recruitment process is delayed due to force majeure-type reasons.

Principles: We do not promise the moon unless it is true – exaggeration does not belong in the recruitment process. We want to avoid surprises on both sides – honesty always works. Our recruitment process requires active and proactive assumption of responsibility by both parties.

Finally: We want to provide an honest picture of the company culture and work environment. We are a new company, and some things (quite a few, actually) are still ongoing, incomplete, and evolving. This is our strength. You get to be part of realizing a unique growth story! That’s why solutions are sometimes sought on the fly. Ask yourself, does it motivate you to join us in building a more visible and open financial leadership culture?

More Information about Finaly and Recruitment

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Finaly Oy, Chairman of the Board, co-founder
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