Meet our Finaly team member – Nelli

Nelli Neilimo-Leskinen, CFO at Finaly

What does financial management mean to you, Nelli?

Leadership is about influencing, and financial management is about influencing the operations of a company or organization through financial expertise.

How would you describe yourself as a CFO?

I consider myself business-oriented and enjoy working closely with the CEO and the team. I like to speak openly and honestly about matters.

Share something surprising about financial leadership

Once I heard a sales director joking that CFOs know how to turn one euro into 50 cents, meaning they excel at cutting costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing profitability. However, I believe a CFO can also turn one euro into two, acting as a growth partner.

What do you find most rewarding about financial leadership?

I can contribute my expertise to the company and thereby influence its success. The best part is working as a team with other colleagues.

What achievements are you proud of as a CFO?

I have repeatedly gained trust regardless of the organization’s size, country, or industry.

What insight have you gained recently as a CFO?

Since joining Finaly, I’ve realized how many fantastic SMEs there are in Finland. It has been truly rewarding to support these companies and entrepreneurs in their growth, thereby helping to move Finland forward.

Tell us something not seen on your CV

I am a language enthusiast. I have worked in four languages over the years and have also learned basics of many other languages. For example, I studied Japanese basics at one point, and I am currently learning Italian. At some point, I even learned the Hebrew alphabet, although I have mostly forgotten it by now.

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