Taito Research

What experiences does Finaly provide to its clients? In this article, we go through Taito Research’s feelings:

“Big recommendation for Henri from Taito. 🤩 As our operating model changed, Henri helped us build great tools for financial monitoring. 👏”

Pia Kantola, CEO, Co-Founder at Taito Research

Taito Research Oy, a recommendation from CEO Pia Kantola

“The outsourced CFO consultant from Finaly actively provides development suggestions and knows how to utilize diverse and extensive financial management experience from various angles. The most rewarding part of the collaboration has been that the outsourced CFO “doesn’t just do what is asked” but brings out their own views as a financial management expert, proactively and with development in mind. During a period of change, the CFO consultant created a model that helps the company in its new operations. Additionally, the strength of the outsourced CFO is their active interest in our business and its profitable development. Today’s CFO is part of the business, and with outsourced, part-time service, a small or medium-sized enterprise gets genuine CFO expertise cost-effectively,” says Anne, founding partner of Finaly.

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